Is Down or Not Working? Login problems, Cards Declined


How to Resolve Login Issues and Avoid Card Declination.

Navigating the world of prepaid cards can be tricky, especially when it comes to login issues or card declinations. If you’re a user of, you may have faced some of these challenges. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you avoid these issues and make the most of your prepaid card.

Is not Down or Not Working?

You can check if the website is down or not working at or Also, be aware that the site is occasionally temporarily down for maintenance. down or login not working? Card declined?
If you are having problems, then go through our Troubleshooting list, below. Problmes: Tips to Avoid Card being declined, and Fix Login Problems.

1. Browser Compatibility.

The first step in troubleshooting login issues is to check your browser. Users have reported problems when using Safari. To avoid this:

  • Switch to Chrome: Chrome, especially in Incognito mode with all extensions disabled, tends to work more reliably.
  • Avoid Safari: Due to compatibility issues, it’s best to stay away from Safari when accessing

2. Adding to Apple Wallet.

For Apple users, adding your card to the Apple Wallet can streamline your transactions:

  • Use Chrome to Add to Apple Wallet: This can make transactions smoother and more convenient.

3. Internet Connection Variability.

Sometimes, your internet connection can be the culprit:

  • Switch Between Home and Mobile Wi-Fi: Different network conditions can affect site accessibility.

4. Disabling Adblockers and VPNs.

Certain site functionalities might be hindered by adblockers or VPNs:

  • Temporarily Disable Adblockers and VPNs: This can prevent interference with the site’s operation.

5. Accurate Card Details.

A common mistake is incorrect entry of card details:

  • Copy and Paste Carefully: Ensure there are no spaces when copying and pasting PINs or card numbers.
  • Check Expiration Date: Always verify that your card hasn’t expired.
  • Make sure that your CAPS LOCK button is OFF, if you are logging in to your account.

6. Understanding Merchant Acceptance.

Not all merchants accept Myprepaidcenter cards:

  • Use on Amazon: Load your Amazon Gift Card balance with your Myprepaidcenter Card for broader acceptance.
  • Check for Merchant Compatibility: Some merchants may not accept these cards, so it’s worth checking beforehand. See our Merchants List here.

7. Handling Declined Transactions.

If your card is declined:

  • Make sure your Myprtepaidcenter Visa or Mastercard is activated, and that you are typing in the correct card number, redeem code or PIN.
  • Make sure your card has not expired.
  • Merchant Support: Ask the merchant to contact Cardholder Services using the toll-free number on the back of the card.
  • Call the Myprepaidcenter Customer Service yourself.

8. Contacting Customer Service for Compromised Codes.

In case of issues with codes:

  • Report Compromised Codes: Myprepaidcenter sometimes has batches of compromised codes. Contact customer service immediately if you suspect this. They will check if your code is valid or not, and issue you with a new code, if it has been compromised.

9. Myprepaidcenter Customer Service Contacts.

For any issues, contact the Myprepaidcenter Customer Service:

  • For Lost or Stolen Cards and Code Issues:
    • U.S and Canada (Toll-Free):
      • Discover: 1-888-842-0336
      • Mastercard: 1-888-371-2109
      • Visa: 1-877-610-1075
    • Outside U.S. (Tolls Apply):
      • Discover: 1-801-744-9918
      • Mastercard: 1-339-234-6415
      • Visa: 1-801-214-8892

10. Maintain Card Balance Awareness.

  • Know Your Balance: Transactions exceeding the card’s value will be declined.
  • Record Card Details: Keep a separate record of your card number and the toll-free Cardholder Services number.

11. Transaction Type Selection

  • Credit Over Debit: Select ‘Credit’ during transactions, unless you have a PIN for debit use. Otherwise, the transaction may be declined.

12. Selling Your Card

If all else fails:

  • Sell Your Card: Platforms like allow you to sell your card for up to 75% of its value.

By following these tips, you can navigate more effectively and minimize issues with your prepaid card. Remember, staying informed and prepared is key to a hassle-free experience with any financial tool.

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