Boehringer Ingelheim Prepaid Cards, Pet Rebates and Login


Boehringer Ingelheim Prepaid Cards: The complete guide to Boehringer Ingelheim pet rebates, their prepaid Mastercards, how to use the prepaid cards, how to login, and more.

What is a Boehringer Ingelheim Prepaid Card?

A Boehringer Ingelheim prepaid card is a MastercardĀ® issued by Pathward, N.A., Member FDIC, that is offered as a rebate for purchasing Boehringer Ingelheim pet products.

How Does Boehringer Ingelheim Rebates Work?

Boehringer Ingelheim offers rebates on a variety of its pet products, including Heartgard for heartworm prevention, NexGard for flea and tick control, Frontline for flea and tick control, and Sentinel for heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.

To claim a rebate, you must submit a valid receipt for the purchase of the eligible product to the Boehringer Ingelheim Rebate Center. Once your receipt is verified, you will receive a Boehringer Ingelheim prepaid card with the amount of your rebate loaded onto it.

What is the Official Boehringer Ingelheim Prepaid Card Website for Login?

The official Boehringer Ingelheim prepaid card website for login is You can use this website to track the status of your rebate request, activate your Boehringer Ingelheim prepaid card, and view your Boehringer Ingelheim card balance.

Boehringer Ingelheim Login:

How do I log in the Boehringer Ingelheim website?

The US login for the main Boehringer Ingelheim website is at:
Enter the Username and Password, and solve the CAPCHA to log in.

How do I log in the Boehringer Ingelheim Prepaid Card website?

The official rebates page for the main Boehringer Ingelheim Prepaid Card website is different from the main website. The Prepaid Card and Rebates offer page is at:

Boehringer Ingelheim offer code and purchase date, upload your receipt, and click on Continue, then submit. After your proof of purchase as well as your eligibility is verified, a Mastercard prepaid card will be mailed to you in the post.

If you want to manage and login to your Boehringer Ingelheim Prepaid Card account to view your transaction,Ā  to check your balance, or to activate your card, you will need to visit:

On the website, enter your card number, card expiry date, CVV code and you will be able to access your card account.

boehringer ingelheim prepaid cards pet rebates
The apply for your Boehringer Ingelheim prepaid cards, enter your offer code, purchase date, email address and Zipcode. Your Prepaid Mastercard will be mailed to you.

Why Did I Get a Boehringer Ingelheim Prepaid Card in the Mail?

You may have received a Boehringer Ingelheim prepaid card in the mail if you have recently purchased an eligible Boehringer Ingelheim pet product. The card is typically mailed within 6-8 weeks of receiving your rebate request.

You may also have completed a survey on line in the past, an the Boehringer Ingelheim Prepaid card is the reward for filling it out.

A Boehringer Ingelheim prepaid card value is usually $15.

What does Users Say About Boehringer Ingelheim Prepaid Cards?

Overall, web users have positive things to say about Boehringer Ingelheim prepaid cards. They appreciate the convenience of getting a prepaid card for their rebates and the fact that they can use the card to make purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Some users have also noted that the card is easy to activate and track.

Here are some positive comments from Reddit users:

  • “I love getting Boehringer Ingelheim prepaid cards! They’re so easy to use and I can always use them to buy pet supplies.”
  • “I’ve never had any problems with Boehringer Ingelheim prepaid cards. They always come in the mail within a few weeks and I can use them right away.”
  • “I’m glad that Boehringer Ingelheim offers prepaid cards as rebates. It’s much more convenient than getting a check in the mail.”

There are also negative comments about Boehringer Ingelheim prepaid cards. Some users have complained about long wait times for their cards to arrive, or about problems activating or using the cards. However, these complaints seem to be in the minority.

Pleasee add your comment, or questions, about Boehringer Ingelheim cards, below.

Is Boehringer Ingelheim a Legit and Safe Website?

Yes, Boehringer Ingelheim is considered a safe, legit website for prepaid Master Cards and rebates, The website is certainly not a scam. oehringer Ingelheim prepaid cards are a convenient and valuable way to save money on your pet’s healthcare. If you have recently purchased an eligible Boehringer Ingelheim pet product, be sure to submit your rebate request and see if you qualify for a prepaid card.

Boehringer Ingelheim FAQ.

How do I apply for my rebate?

1. Fill out the online rebate form. Enter your details in the Customer Information Section to receive your rebate by mail.
2. Provide a digital copy of your purchase receipt, making sure it includes the pet information.
3. Double-check the information you’ve entered for accuracy.
4. Once submitted, a Thank You page will appear with a tracking number for your records.

Can I request a rebate for more than one qualifying item?

Rebate offers often limit the number of claims per purchase. Check the specific terms of the rebate offer on your form for details.

What if I don’t have my purchase proof or other required documents?

You can usually get a reprint of your receipt from the veterinary clinic, particularly if you remember the purchase date and used a credit card.

How do I add or upload extra documents to my application?

1. Choose ‘Images’ to open a file selection window.
2. Find and select the image or take a photo, then click ‘Upload’.
3. The images will show on the submission screen.
4. To add more, repeat the process, with up to four images in total.
5. Click ‘Upload’ to start the upload process.
6. Wait for the upload to finish before moving on.

What if my additional documents or images don’t upload?

Ensure your files are in JPG, GIF, or PNG format and no larger than 5 MB each. If issues persist, check file size and format.

How many documents or images can I attach to my application?

You can attach up to four files per submission.

How long does it take to process my application?

Typically, it takes 6-8 weeks, unless stated otherwise in the offer’s terms.

What is a tracking number and its importance?

A tracking number is a unique identifier for your submission. It helps you monitor your submission status online and assists customer service in finding your submission.

How will I get my rebate?

Your rebate will be sent to the address you provided during the submission, either by mail or email, depending on the type of reward chosen.

Why was my submission rejected?

Your submission may not have met the specific requirements of the offer. Check the offer’s terms and conditions and contact customer service if you believe there’s an error.

Why haven’t I received my rebate?

Use the Track a Submission feature to check your claim’s status. If it’s been over 30 days since your submission, contact customer service for assistance.

What if I lost my tracking number?

If you can’t find your tracking number, reach out to customer service for help.

Why am I unable to apply for a promotion?

The promotion might have ended or reached its limit. Review the offer’s terms and conditions for more information.

What if I’m having trouble using the website?

For any website difficulties, please contact customer service for assistance.

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